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David Heinemeier Hansson
Co-founder of 37 Signals
Creators of Ruby On Rails
Author of Rework 

Rob Fitzpatrick
Founder, NVANA & thestartuptoolkit.com
Mentor, UCL & Seedcamp

Phillip Moehring
Associate, Seedcamp

Chris Matts
Creator of Feature Injection
Extreme Tuesday Club

Ian Collingwood
UX Specialist, Rated People, The Economist, Vodafone
Mentor, Seedcamp

Joel Gascoigne
Founder, Buffer App & OnePage

Patrick Vlaskovitz
Author, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to CustDev.
Mentor, 500 Startups 
Founder of Superpowered

Dimitar Stanimiroff
Founder, OVIA 
Mentor & Lecturer, UCL

Eric Ries
Author, The Lean Startup

Nicky Smyth
Senior Design Researcher, BBC R&D
Co-founder of Leancamp

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