Learn to get market traction faster.

We're connecting leaders in Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation and Design - for the first time in Ireland!

Learn from other founders and practitioners – people actually doing this stuff.

Leancamp is a non-profit, high-energy day where you discover the tools that are right for you, by connecting with and learning from people actually practicing these approaches. You get actionable feedback on your current challenges, learning from a variety of disciplines. 

Advance the tools of entrepreneurship.

These connections also spark new tools get to market faster. Leancamp has been the birthplace of many popular entrepreneurship techniques.

Join the community supported by leaders around the world.

Leancamps have run with participation from local entrepreneurs, designers and developers, and thought-leaders like Eric Ries, Alex Osterwalder, John Mullins, Janice Fraser, Patrick Vlaskovits, David Heinemeier Hansson, Dave Gray, and many others.


Dublin, Ireland
University College Dublin

June 23th, 2012
10am to 6pm

Rob Fitzpatrick

Founder, The Startup Toolkit
Founder, Habit Industries (Y Combinator)

Lukas Fittl

Founder, Efficient Cloud (Seedcamp)
Founder, soup.io (Seedcamp)
Member, Spark59

Claudio Perrone

Founder, Agile Sensei
Lean & Agile Expert
Startup Strategist

"Claudio has great experience & insights into Scrum, agile, lean thinking to understanding your customer both in startups & large organisations. He really knows this space and is very easy to listen to. I'm looking forward to his sessions on crafting presentations & Lean & Agile discussions!" - Mary

"Claudio has a wealth of experience implementing lean methodologies in small to large organistations. His honest approach and energetic delivery makes lean understandable, engaging and relevant! I can't wait to learn more from this master! "   - Russell from Startup Digest

"Lukas has taken two startups through Seedcamp, has scaling experience, and has worked closely with Ash Maurya as the co-creator of the Lean Canvas and other projects. Super-helpful guy and a natural talent."  - Sal

"Rob epitomises the fail fast and gracefully mentality with a load of startups. He's The Dude of Lean Startup. Brilliant and practical at sussing out commerical opportunities with Customer Development, and the first to create an online canvas tool."  - Sal


Leancamp is an open space,
everybody is invited to speak or contribute!

About Leancamp

Leancamp is a set of international not-for-profit events that makes world-leading knowledge of Agile, Lean and Design-led business accessible to multiple disciplines. These approaches are creating communities of entrepreneurs who embrace a planned-learning attitude, and pervade a healthy attitude to failure, evolution and customer focus. Leancamp aims to spark leadership in this investment-friendly direction and strengthen international ties between startup, investment and industry communities.

Leancamp is a trademark of Salim Virani. The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.  Event photographs copyright Phllip Wollmuth.

Salim Virani

Founder, Leancamp
Customer Development, Strategyzer

Brian Caulfield

Founder, Exceptis Technology & Similarity Systems
Partner, DFJ Espirit
Angel Investor

"Brian has a number of successful exits under his belt and is Ireland's most prolific angel investor in technology companies. He has moved to the dark side and I look forward to hearing from Brian the Venture Capitalist."   - Raomal

Learn from actual founders and practitioners – with practical lessons to share.

Mary Cronin

Founder, ThousandSeeds

"Mary mentors startups and helps to create startup cultures in organisations. I look forward to her insights on disruptive innovation by iterating the business model canvas."  - Raomal

Joel Gascoigne

Founder, Buffer
(via Skype from Hong Kong!)

"Joel is the real deal. He started Buffer as a Lean Startup from the beginning, and is one of the best examples of how this way of thinking work in practice."  - Sal

Tor R. Grønsund

Founder, Lingosocial
Prof. of Entrepreneurship, University of Oslo

"I've been waiting years to meet Tor! He connects to a ton of useful entrepreneurship spaces, and his blog Metholologist is a constant goldmine of practical tips."  - Sal

Raomal Perera

Founder, ISOCOR & Valista
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD

"Raomal's timing with email and ISOCOR was perfect but was ahead of the curve with mobile payments and Valista. I look forward to his insights on raising money for startups."  - Mary

Leo Widrich

Founder, Buffer
(via Skype from Hong Kong!)

"Leo took a simple idea that everyone suggests, tries and fails at (blogging for business) and managed to turn it into a huge, reliable engine of growth that carried them through profitability, funding, and beyond. I'm pumped to hear how they think differently (as well as how the startup life in Hong Kong is!)."  - Rob Fitzpatrick

Des Traynor

Founder, Intercom.io

"Joel recommended Des, and given his novel and practical approach to customer retention and understanding, I'm excited to get to know how he thinks."   - Sal

"Sal has spent more time than anyone digging into the innovative communities outside of the startup world -- from UX and design thinking to architecture & science. I'm excited to learn the latest lessons from these worlds as well as from the startup communities in all the countries Leancamp runs in!"  - Rob